Now offering HELOC for homebuyers

In today’s market, it’s crucial to give consumers options. The number one concern we hear from our consumers, is payment. Increasing the customers buying power and lowering their housing costs. Even though most consultations start with questions on rate, monthly payment, in the end, is king.  With our new product launch, there are 3major scenarios, where we see massive benefit in choosing Results Home Mortgage.


Monthly mortgage insurance for consumers putting less than20% down is unfortunately a reality for most.  With the rising costs ofmortgage insurance, coupled with low down payment, and less than perfect credit,you could be looking at hundreds of dollars every single month in additionalexpense.  Symmetry allows us to lower the loan to value on the buyersfirst mortgage to 80% (or less) and avoid paying mortgage insurance alltogether.  We can leverage this option for consumers on their primaryresidence, all the way down to a 680 Fico score!


Second home and Investment home financing has become muchmore expensive in the past 12 months from a rate perspective as well. Higher loan to values may now see pricing hits upwards of 4% in fee, vs. aprimary home purchase. Living in the land of 10,000 lakes, it is imperativethat we have solutions for consumers to find a rate and payment options thatmake sense for these buyer’s long term.  Adding a simultaneous home equity,dropping the primary loan to value to 70% or less, avoids many of these “add-ons”that are now in place.  Saving thousands in down payment and reducing yourmonthly cash outlay!


Finally, new Fannie Mae loan level price adjusters forprimary home purchase are also now in place.  (Effective May 1st). Once again, better rates to be had, and lower down payment costs associatedwith lower 1rst mortgage loan to values.  Symmetry home equity to therescue!


There are no early payoff fees, no pre-payment penalties, and the minimum monthly payment on the home equity portion, is interest only! 

Consult with one of our experienced Results Home Mortgage Loan Officers, to see how Symmetry home equity, may just put that new buyer in the home of their dreams, and do so, more affordably! 

Thank you for choosing Results Home Mortgage as your trusted mortgage partner. We look forward to serving you!